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Sponsor Ta Mon from Sunshine for Elephants for 6 months. By sponsoring this beautiful elderly elephant you are helping to provide elephant food for her and cover her daily care.

Early in life, Ta Mon was forced to walk the streets every day, begging for fruit. She later worked at a trekking camp carrying tourists on her back, walking through the jungle and across the river every day, year after year. Her life was a lonely one with few elephant friends and constant work.

Ta Mon was rescued from Mae Wang, south of Chiang Mai in 2015 and came to live at Sunshine for Elephants. Her previous owner sold her because she could no longer provide rides to tourists, and so was seen as a burden. Sunshine for Elephants rescued Ta Mon to give her a second chance in life. When she was rescued, Ta Mon was unwell and suffered from problems with her digestive system. She was put on a healthy diet of fruit, grass, and natural vegetation, and over time her health improved greatly.

Ta Mon is much happier now that she can enjoy a more natural life where she can just be an elephant and make friendships with other elephants. She loves to receive fruit cakes and her favourite foods include bananas, cooked pumpkin, and banana health balls. Ta Mon can be quite a timid elephant and is gentle natured. She enjoys walking and foraging in the forest, taking mud baths, swimming in the river, and hanging out with her friend, Sri Prai.


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As a sponsor you will receive a sponsorship certificate by email and as well as a few photos of Ta Mon in thanks for your kind support.

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