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Sadly senior elephant, Sa Ard passed away on 23rd March 2022. If you would like to continue to support the animals at Pamper A Pachyderm all funds received for sponsoring Sa Ard will be used to help purchase food for the more than 20 dogs who live at this project.

Sa Ard was born in 1958 and used to work in logging and later at a trekking camp in Pattaya where she did elephant riding for several decades. She was rescued and taken to live at Pamper A Pachyderm about 6 years ago. Sa Ard is blind in her left eye and only has partial sight in her right eye. She likes to play quite rough with her friend, Happy and loves to eat a variety of food, especially bananas. Sadly, Happy who was in her 70’s, passed away in January 2021. After losing her friend Happy, Sa Ard, became quite depressed. Soon after Kham Pang was rescued & came to live at Pamper A Pachyderm to keep Sa Ard company.

Sa Ard was an amazing, gentle, and strong willed, blind elephant, who was friendly and kind natured. She enjoyed walking in the grassy fields and forest, eating natural vegetation, but she especially loved fruit treats. Sa Ard, which means clean in Thai, in truth loved to get dirty by spraying mud all over her body and scratching against tress and rocks. Sa Ard lived with an elephant named Happy for many years and they coexisted peacefully under the dedicated care of Mouy

Thank you to all of our kind hearted people who supported Sa Ard over the past couple of years. Most of all, thank you to Muoy for loving and caring for beautiful Sa Ard so well and giving her a beautiful, peaceful life over the past 6 years. May your spirit be free Sa Ard, resting in the heavens with your friend, Happy. We will remember you always beautiful Sa Ard.

Thank you for supporting the dogs at Pamper A Pachyderm.

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