Sponsor Kham Meun


Sponsor Kham Meun from Karen Elephant Home for 6 months. By sponsoring this beautiful bull elephant you are helping to purchase elephant food for him and his brother, Dodo, and support their daily care.

Khum Meun was born in 1997 and is easily identifiable by his one long tusk. The other tusk fell out after becoming infected some years ago following an accident at a trekking camp. Early in his life, Khum Meun spent many years performing in a circus and was later used for bareback riding at a trekking camp. Since 2016, Khum Meun has lived at Karen Elephant Home with the Karen family who cared for him when he was a baby. Today he spends his days wandering the hillside with his younger brother, Dodo. Despite Khum Meun’s imposing size, he has a kind, gentle nature.

As a sponsor you will receive a sponsorship certificate by email and updates about Kham Meun with some photos every couple of months.

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