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During this unprecedented time brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, tourism in Thailand has collapsed and all of our Saddle Off projects have been closed since March. If you are in a position to help buy food for the beautiful elephants at our Saddle Off projects, any gift would be gratefully received. Thank you for your kind support.

One Day Trips

Chiang Mai - North

Elephant wandering the jungle at elephant sanctuary thailand


This is one of the first projects developed where the traditional activities of elephant camps have been transformed under the ‘Saddle Off!’ model. Guests spend meaningful time with these elderly elephants now enjoying their retirement roaming in nature, foraging, and socializing. End the day white water rafting to Elephant Nature Park to observe the herds.



Spend the day with three elephants retired from a hard life of logging and elephant riding. At this elephant sanctuary, an emphasis is placed on providing visitors with insights into the nature of elephants, how to properly care for them, and interact with them respectfully. The program includes a visit to Elephant Nature Park where you can see the resident herds socializing.



Set high in the lush mountains near Baan Lao, this elephant sanctuary boasts some of the most stunning scenery in Northern Thailand. Walk with rescued elephants along mountain paths, feed the elephants, and watch them bathe and play happily in the mud pit, making for an unforgettable day. This project also offers sanctuary to cows, pigs, rabbits and other animals.

Elepehants roaming the forest at Sunshine for Elephants ethical elephant sanctuary


Guests to this elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai experience a close encounter with rescued elephants as part of a small group in beautiful natural surroundings. Feed the elephants, and walk with them as they stop to forage. Help to reforest their natural habitat by planting saplings or tying protective Buddhist sashes to the trunks of trees.

elephants relax in the river elephant sanctuary chiang mai


Spend the day by the beautiful Mae Taeng River in Northern Thailand with three happy elephants now retired from riding. As part of a small group, get to know the elephants while feeding them, and join them on a challenging jungle trek that crosses the river over a bamboo bridge. After your hike, cool off in the river and swim with the elephants.

Elephants playing in the mud at Save Thai Elephant Park ethical elephant sanctuary


This project is home to three beautiful female elephants rescued from elephant riding, now enjoying a better life under the dedicated care of the good-hearted owner. As part of a small group, you will have plenty of time to observe and learn about the elephants while feeding them, walking with them, bathing them, and watching them take a mud bath.



Arriving at the elephant sanctuary located in a scenic valley near Chiang Mai, meet the herd and get to know them a little while feeding them. Join the elephants on a hike through jungle hill trails, handing them fruit along the way, and after lunch, bathe the elephants in the river. The day ends with a thrilling whitewater rafting adventure down the Mae Taeng River.

Elephant Delight


This ethical elephant tour offers the perfect chance to experience being with elephants in a lovely natural setting in a small group, accompanied by an experienced tour guide. Prepare food and feed the elephants and then join them on a scenic uphill forest walk. Bathe the elephants in the river, and then cross to the other side in a bamboo raft.

Baby elephant Karen Elephant Retreat


Visit this project for an unforgettable experience - dress in traditional Lanna clothing and feed the elephants, take a walk with them in nature, watch them bathe in their pool, and play in the mud pit. As part of a small group, you will have the chance to observe elephants freed from a life of hardship, with time to forage, play, and socialize.

Elephant Green Hill Project


Experience elephants living a better life near Chiang Mai as part of a small group of guests with the chance to feed them and observe them interacting. The project is home to a small herd of elephants now living in a beautiful, natural environment. The project includes a reforestation program where visitors help to plant trees to revitalize the surrounding forest.

elephant wellness elephant sanctuary chiang mai


Experience a magical day at this ethical elephant project in Northern Thailand, near Chiang Mai. Get to know the elephants while feeding them fruit and later join them on a jungle trek through forested mountain trails. After lunch, prepare healthy snacks for the elephants, followed by a spa bath, where you can scrub them with a medicinal vine.



Visitors to this project will have the special experience of spending the day with a young female elephant and her loving, devoted nanny. Activities include preparing fruit and vegetables and feeding the elephants, walking with the elephants in nature, and watching them take a mud bath as well as bathing them in a pond.

One Day Trips

Chiang Mai - South

Elephant Sanctuary Karen Elephant Home


This elephant sanctuary offers the special experience of visiting a century old Karen settlement and spending time with two magnificent, gentle elephant brothers. By visiting this project you will gain insights into the nature of this remarkable species while feeding them, walking with them in nature, watching them play in the mud, and bathe in the river.



Set among the hills of Northern Thailand, this elephant sanctuary is home to elephants rescued from riding, including a female who recently gave birth to a baby girl. At this project, guests have the opportunity to observe the remarkable interactions of an elephant family, now enjoying their lives with time to form bonds, roam, forage, and play freely together.



Join us for an unforgettable experience spending time with elephants in a beautiful natural setting in Northern Thailand, including a waterfall. The elephants here now enjoy a better life, free from elephant riding or performing in shows, with time to forage, roam, play, and socialize. The Karen family has a long history of living and working with elephants.

Elephant Refuge Project


As part of a small group accompanied by a tour guide, experience a close encounter with elephants. Activities are suitable for all ages and include taking a leisurely walk with the elephants, watching them playing in the mud and bathing them in the river. Located near Chiang Mai, this elephant sanctuary is surrounded by forest and farmland with a small river coursing through it.



This elephant sanctuary near Chiang Mai offers guests an amazing experience being with elephants in beautiful natural surroundings including a jungle canopy and a cascading stream. Feed the elephants, walk with them along hillside jungle trails, watching them forage, and later watch them take a mud bath and bathe them in the stream.



Dress in traditional Karen clothing and enjoy a relaxing day with the elephants, including elephant mothers and their young. This Saddle Off project is suitable for all ages and includes a short nature walk with the elephants. Take some amazing photos of the elephants playing in the mud pit together and later bathe them in the river.



Venture into the jungle and experience elephants in their natural habitat where they are free to forage on the hillside and interact with each other. Join the elephants on a walk, watch them play in the mud, and bathe them in a stunning mountain stream. The project is run by Karen people, renowned for their centuries-old tradition of living and working with elephants.

Karen Elephant Experience Ethical Elephant Tour


Set amongst stunning jungle scenery, this elephant sanctuary is accessible only by 4WD and supports the Karen by allowing them to bring their elephants home where they can be properly cared for. Experience an unforgettable day with elephants watching them forage in the jungle, wallow in the mud, and bathe in a beautiful natural stream.

Half Day Ethical Elephant Tours

Elephants playing in the waterfall at Karen Elephant Reserve


Karen Elephant Reserve is a half day morning project located deep in the jungles of Northern Thailand. Join this ethical elephant tour to experience a small herd of elephants including a mother and her young living happily together - free to socialize, forage, and bathe in a cascading stream shaded by the jungle canopy.

Elephant family at Elephant Twilight ethical elephant sanctuary


Elephant Twilight is a half day afternoon tour that offers those with limited time the chance to have a memorable encounter with elephants. Arriving at the project around 2pm, you will spend time with elephants rescued from a hard life of logging and elephant riding, as well as their young - now enjoying a more natural life with elephant-friendly activities.

Volunteer with Elephants

One Week - Thailand & Cambodia

Elephant foraging as a herd at Journey to Freedom ethical elephant sanctuary


Become an elephant sanctuary volunteer and spend an unforgettable week in the jungle with a small group of volunteers caring for the elephants and learning about the Karen people who have a generations-old tradition of working with elephants. You will have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of the elephants and people in the local community.

Elephants grazing at Elephant Sanctuary Cambodia ethical elephant sanctuary


Join our eco-volunteer program and play a vital role in helping to protect and regenerate 25,000 acres of forest so that elephants and other native species can re-populate the wildlife reserve. The elephants at this project are free to roam the sanctuary, offering volunteers the special experience of observing them foraging and socializing at will in nature.

Elephant herd roaming at Elephant Homestay Khun Chai Thong Elephant_Homestay_Khun_Chai_Thong ethical elephant sanctuary


Join our elephant sanctuary volunteer program and help rehabilitate elephants rescued from street begging, now returned to their owner’s villages to live a more natural life, free to roam, take mud baths, and socialize with the herd. Volunteers will experience a traditional homestay with plenty of time to observe and care for the elephants.

Elephants at Surin Project ehical elephant sanctuary


Spend a week volunteering with like-minded people from around the globe and positively impact the lives of elephants living in Surin. Get to know the Kuy people, whose relationship with elephants is centuries-old and spend meaningful time with the elephants. Activities include feeding and bathing the elephants as well as planting grass and saplings.

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