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4 October, 2019


Today we unite to celebrate World Animal Day! We honour all of the wonderful animals that inhabit our planet and recognise their sentience and importance to the complex web of life. We need to come together to better protect animal rights and respect their place in the natural world. From the hungry stray dog and the billions of factory farmed animals, to the elephant beaten to perform and the wild orangutan clutching the branch of a burning tree, all animals need our help. Together we can make the world a better, safer place for animals. Like the patron saint, Francis of Assisi, we can be a friend to animals and take action to protect their rights and welfare around the globe.

Biodiversity on our planet is under severe threat and we must act swiftly to protect our ecosystems and restore equilibrium before it is too late. We live in a time of the highest rate of extinction since the End-Cretaceous extinction 66 million years ago when 76% of all species were lost. Whether on land, in the sea or in the sky, the cost of our short-sighted excesses is evident. We must learn to coexist harmoniously with other species if we are to survive. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Thank you to all those who have helped make Asian Elephant Projects possible so that we can provide a better, kinder life for elephants in Asia.

For ideas on how you can help take action to celebrate World Animal Day visit:

12 August, 2019

22 April, 2019

13 March, 2019

14 December, 2018

Save Elephant Foundation in Collaboration with Asian Elephant Projects Hosts Elephant Travel Mart 2018 to Promote Ecotourism in Thailand

The event seeks to raise awareness of the growing interest in ecotourism among international travelers and to support those involved in the travel industry so that opportunities can be created that will benefit Thai elephants, the environment, and support local communities.

Chiang Mai, Thailand – December 1, 2018 – Elephant Travel Mart 2018 will be hosted by Save Elephant Foundation and Asian Elephant Projects at International Hall 2nd Floor, Khum Khan Toke, Chiang Mai on December 14. The event was conceived by Sangduen Chailert, founder of Save Elephant Foundation, in order to bring together ethical elephant tour operators and tour agencies (both Thai and foreign), to work together to take advantage of opportunities to expand ecotourism in Thailand.

Elephant tourism has long been associated with Thailand by travelers from around the globe and helps to attract millions of visitors to the country each year. However, there has been a growing trend away from traditional forms of elephant tourism that include elephant riding and shows towards ethical elephant tours offering programs that are sustainable and make the well-being of elephants a priority.

Ecotourism values promoting modes of travel with minimal impact on the environment are becoming more widespread across the globe, particularly among young people. A growing concern for the environment and for the welfare of animals is changing the landscape of tourism across many tourist destinations throughout the world – a positive change that presents significant opportunities. A goal of Elephant Travel Mart 2018 is to provide a venue to bring people together to discuss how the travel industry can continue to adapt to respond to this trend and better meet the shifting demands of travelers.

4 October, 2018


Become a catalyst for change to help end the exploitation of animals and support the growing movement advocating for the rights of all living beings. Each of us can make a difference – united we can challenge the status quo and improve the welfare of animals globally. We need to raise awareness of the unnecessary suffering that billions of animals endure as a result of habitat destruction, the poaching of wild animals, the abuse of domestic animals, the mistreatment of captive animals, and the cruel animal agriculture industry. Help make this world a safer place for animals by recognising them for the sentient wonders of Nature that they are; so vulnerable to our self-centred myopic tendencies. As the species with the most profound influence, the responsibility falls on us to be wise, goodhearted stewards of life on this beautiful planet, with its richly abundant biodiversity. Humans make up only 0.01% of life on Earth, yet since our relatively recent arrival on the scene as a species, we have caused the loss of 83% of wild mammals and 50% of all plant life. Our oceans are in critical condition. We have corrupted our atmosphere and denuded much of our forests. It’s time to address the perilous course that we are on and embrace all life with love and respect. Be a part of the solution, not the problem. Animals are not ours to possess, exploit, or condescend to – but rather are deserving of our protection, empathy, and appreciation.

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