Majestic Elephant Project
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Majestic Elephant Project
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Majestic Elephant Project
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Majestic Elephant Project
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Majestic Elephant Project
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Spend the day with elephants in the jungles of Northern Thailand, followed by whitewater rafting for an experience you are unlikely to forget. Our driver and tour guide will pick you up from your hotel in Chiang Mai and en route you will be given safety tips for your tour. Arriving at the project in the scenic Mae Taeng valley, meet the elephants in the jungle and get to know them while feeding them. Next, take a walk with the elephants through the surrounding jungle hill trails, handing them fruit and stopping to watch them forage along the way. The walk on this project passes through particularly stunning sections of jungle, richly populated with native plants.

After arriving at the project you will learn to make Pad Thai, a Thai noddle dish and enjoy a vegetarian buffet lunch overlooking the valley. Later guests prepare banana rice tamarind balls for the elephants, which aids digestion. After watching the elephants swimming in the river and splashing a little water on them, visitors feed them the banana rice balls as a parting gift. The tour ends with a thrilling whitewater rafting adventure down the Mae Taeng River, passing spectacular scenery along the way.

As part of a small group, you will have plenty of opportunities to get wonderful photos of the elephants interacting with each other in beautiful natural surroundings.  Observing elephants doing what comes naturally in a relaxed, caring environment is a amazing experience enjoyed by visitors to Majestic Elephant Project.

Majestic Elephant Project Ethical Elephant Tour Chiang Mai

Walk with the elephants, watch them foraging and swimming in the river and experience the thrill of white water rafting downstream amid beautiful scenery

Majestic Elephant Project Activites

Feed the Elephants

Walk with Elephants

Observe Elephants

Learn to Make Pad Thai

Make Banana Balls

Elephant Bathing

White Water Rafting

Walk with Elephants


Feed the Elephants

Observe the Elephants

Observe the Elephants

Elephant Bathing

Whitewater Rafting


Tour Details

Number of Guests: 8
Tour Type: Full Day Visit
Fitness Level: Moderate
Age Suitability: Adults & Children 12+

* Minimum of 2 people required for this tour to operate

What's Included

Tour Price

Adults & Children 12+: 2,500 Thai Baht

Adults & Children 12+



Qualified Tour Guide


Buffet Lunch



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Elephants at Majestic Elephant Project

Activities at Majestic Elephant Project

Ethical Elephant Tours
This is a small Saddle Off project with a limited number of guests. Our model is based on ensuring the well-being of the elephants, which means no riding or other unnatural activities.

About Your Trip

Start: 8:00am – 8:30am pick up from your Chiang Mai city hotel, or from our office at 8:00 am. If staying out of town, far from Chiang Mai city centre you will need to arrange your own transportation to our Chiang Mai office.  Please advise on your reservation form.
Travel Time: Around 90 minutes (safety talk en route to project).
Travel Details: Transfer from an air-con minivan to a 4WD vehicle for the last 10 minutes of your journey to the project.
Return: Arrive back in Chiang Mai city 4:30pm – 5.30pm.
Baggage Allowance: One small day pack per person.
What to Bring: Hat, sunscreen, sandals/flip flops, change of clothing (as you may get muddy or wet), towel, walking shoes, camera & insect repellent.
Operational Months: All year round.
Age Suitability: Adults & children over 12 – guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
Fitness Level: Moderate – capable of walking for 1.5 hours along mountain paths with uphill sections and uneven ground and white water rafting depending on conditions. If the water level in the river is too high or low whitewater rafting may not be possible.
Topography: Mountain, jungle & river.
Location: Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.
Nearest Airport: Chiang Mai (CNX) – we recommend you stay in Chiang Mai city the night before your visit. Please note that we cannot collect you from Chiang Mai Airport – only from your Chiang Mai city hotel or guesthouse.
Booking Details: Bookings close at 4pm (GMT+7) on the day before the date of your tour if made in person at our office or 24 hours in advance if booking online. A 30% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking. The balance can be paid at our Chiang Mai office by 5pm on the day before your tour or by cash to the tour guide when they collect you from your hotel on the day of your tour.

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Life During Covid at Majestic Elephant Project

At Majestic Elephant Project, the elepehants are lucky to live by a beautiful stretch of the Mae Taeng River where they can take the weight off, cool down, and hang out together swimming in the heat of the day. During Covid there were no visitors for almost two years. The elephants spent their days foraging on natural vegetation in the surrounding forest, cooling off in the river, scratching their bodies against rocks and covering themselves with mud.  They also enjoyed food that was brought to them, including grass, cornstalks, banana tree stalks, pineapple, watermelon, and of course their favorite- bananas. To get food to these elephants is quite an arduous task. After cutting corn stalks & banana tree stalks in the fields and loading them onto a pickup truck, the mahouts and staff then have to unload the food, carry it down the river bank to a bamboo raft and finally transport it across the river to the elephants on the other side. Fruit and vegetables need to be washed and sliced before offering them to the elephants. After visitors stopped coming, the mahouts were kept busy cutting and preparing the vast amounts of food that the elephants require daily. Keeping these massive herbivores properly fed was a huge challenge. Thanks to the staff who worked hard to care for the elephants and thank you to all the people who supported the elephants by helping to buy food for them during these difficult times.


Thank you to Save Elephant Foundation and Trunks Up for supporting the elephants at Majestic Elephant Project during the Covid crisis.


Project Background

Pin and her husband, Tu, established an elephant riding camp for tourists with whitewater rafting back in 1996. Over the years they became more aware of how the elephants suffered in this form of tourism and how much it affected their health. They saw that some of the other local elephant camp owners were transitioning away from offering elephant riding and wanted to make the change as well. Following the Saddle Off model, Majestic Elephant Project opened to visitors in August 2016. The project is home to two female elephants who are now enjoying their retirement from a hard life working in logging and elephant riding. Pin and Tu are glad to have embraced the opportunity to change to a more compassionate model, where the elephants live with dignity, are able to roam and forage and interact with guests in an atmosphere of respect and admiration.

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