How to Help

Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia attract millions of visitors each year – many seeking encounters with elephants. Unfortunately, a lot of people are unaware of the suffering experienced by elephants in many parts of the elephant tourism industry. We ask that you help support ethical elephant tourism and spread the word that elephant riding and shows cause unnecessary physical and psychological harm to elephants. Let your friends, family, and social media contacts know that there are alternatives where you can experience being with elephants in nature where they are allowed to express their natural instincts without fear of punishment. Witnessing elephants being themselves in their natural habitat is an infinitely more fascinating and enriching experience than observing them being demeaned and subjected to exploitation.

In an era of global connectivity, the collective voice of individuals rallying for change holds great potential to effect positive change. By leveraging social media, we can ignite a transformative movement aimed at ending practices in elephant tourism that cause suffering. Join us in cultivating a culture of empathy and compassion, ensuring that these magnificent animals are no longer exposed to harm, but instead, flourish in a world where they are respected and protected.

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