Gourmet Elephant Fruit Cakes

by Care for Elephants

Throughout the past year of the Covid crisis, Ben from Care for Elephants, together with the help of his partner, Jin, has made the most impressive, amazingly designed gourmet fruit cakes for Sai Thong, Mae Dok and Thad Dao.

The bases of these cakes are made using cooked rice and corn, powdered rice husks, protein pellets, bananas and salt, and sometimes sweet potatoes and pumpkin. The cakes feature amazing carvings from whole watermelons and other fruit by Ben. Around the cakes are a variety of fruit and vegetables, including bananas, watermelon, pineapple, papaya, mango, apples, mandarins, figs, dragon fruit, cantaloupe, tomatoes, pomelo, star fruit, guava, lychees, cucumbers, carrots, pumpkin, corn, sweet potatoes, and sugarcane.

Thank you to all of our supporters who have given fruit cakes to the elephants during these challenging times. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Gourmet Christmas & New Year Cakes by Care for Elephants

Gourmet Elephant Fruit Cakes by Care for Elephants

Care for Elephants is home to 3 beautiful elephants  – Sai Thong, Mae Dok and Thad Dao. These elephants are great friends and share their cakes so peacefully in beautiful forested surroundings. Project owner, Ben, and his partner, Jin, create artistic and original gourmet cakes for the elephants.

These beautiful cakes include a special design and incredible fruit carvings – perfect for special occasions such as an anniversary or birthday. You will receive photos of the cake being made and the elephants eating their cake, as well as an professional video, filmed by Ben.

By ordering a large gourmet elephant cake you will be giving the three beautiful elephants at Care for Elephants a delicious treat and array of sweet fruit and vegetables at a time when it would be greatly appreciated.

Making Gourmet Fruit Cakes for the Elephants

As you can imagine, these cakes take a lot of time to make…from picking, buying, and washing the fruit, cooking and molding the base, developing a theme, and then creating the fabulous designs with meticulous fruit carvings. From beginning to end, these cakes take about 2 days to make…and only about 10 minutes for the elephants to devour them! These are extraordinary cakes for a special occasion!

Ben’s fascinating creative process:
Day 1
8:00 – 13:00 – Buy the fruit at Chiang Mai’s markets and pick fruit from his own fruit trees at the project when in season
13:00 – 22:00 – Steam the pumpkin and sweet potatoes, design the cake, carve the letters and other fruit carvings for the cake
Day 2
8:00 – 13:00 – Make the cake at the project and transport it on a custom made table to the forest on a pickup. Take photos and videos of the elephants eating their cake
13:00 – 17:00 – Edit photos and video

Thank you for helping to buy food for the elephants at Care for Elephants

Your support of the elephants during these difficult times is greatly appreciated

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