Elephant Green Hill
Elephant Green Hill
Elephant Green Hill
Elephant Green Hill
Elephant Green Hill
Elephant Green Hill


This exciting new elephant tour near Chiang Mai, surrounded by jungle, is home to five rescued elephants, including a mother elephant and her baby. As well as providing a better life for the elephants, the owners of the project are committed to a reforestation program intended to revitalize and preserve the elephant’s natural habitat. There are plans to build a plant nursery where medicinal plants important to the elephant’s health will be grown, and seedlings of rare tree species that are in danger of being lost forever will be nurtured.

After changing into traditional handmade clothing, visitors prepare fruit and vegetables and get to know the elephants a little while feeding them. Afterward, visit the plant nursery where guests are invited to help out by planting seeds, and in the rainy season, planting saplings in the surrounding forest. Next, join the elephants for a walk along hillside jungle trails, stopping to watch them interact as a herd and forage on native plants along the way. Back at the project, the group will be served a vegetarian buffet and later be shown how to make health balls for the elephants using bananas, rice husks, tamarind, salt and traditional medicinal plants. Other activities include watching the elephants take a mud bath and bathing them in the nearby stream.

Visitors to this project are helping to provide a better life for elephants retired from a difficult life of logging and elephant riding as well as supporting sustainable ecotourism.

Take a walk in the jungle with a small herd of elephants including a mother and her baby and help to revitalize their native habitat through our reforestation program

Elephant foraging at Elephant Green Hill

Walk with Elephants


Feed Elephants

Observe Elephants


Elephant Bathing


  • Change into traditional handmade clothes
  • Prepare food for the elephants & feed them
  • Visit the plant nursery / plant saplings in the rainy season
  • Walk with the elephants along hillside jungle trails
  • Enjoy a vegetarian buffet lunch
  • Learn how to make health balls for the elephants
  • Watch the elephants take a mud bath
  • Bathe the elephant in the stream
  • Feed the health balls to the elephants

Tour Details

Number of Guests: 12
Number of Elephants: 5
Tour Type: Full Day Visit
Fitness Level: Moderate
Age Suitability: Adults & Children 7+

What’s Included

  • Transportation from Chiang Mai city to and from project
  • Freshly prepared vegetarian buffet lunch
  • Admission fee
  • Qualified English speaking tour guide

Tour Price

Adults & Children 12+: 2,500 Thai Baht
Children Aged 7-12: 1,250 Thai Baht

Adults & Children 7+




Buffet Lunch



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About Your Trip

Start: 8:00am – 8:30am minivan pick up from your Chiang Mai city hotel, or from our office at 7:45am. If staying out of town (outside the middle ring-road) additional charges apply. Please advise on your reservation form.
Travel Time: Around 90 minutes (educational video about Asian elephants / safety video & talk en route to project).
Return: Arrive back in Chiang Mai city 4:00pm – 4.30pm.
Baggage Allowance: One small day pack per person.
What to Bring: Hat, sunscreen, sandals/flip flops, walking shoes, change of clothing (as you may get muddy or wet), towel, camera & insect repellent.
Operational Months: All year round.
Age Suitability: Adults & children over 7 – guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
Fitness Level: Moderate – walk with the elephants through the forest for about an hour, watching them forage along the way. The path can be slippery in the rainy season and some sections are quite steep.
Topography: Grassland, forest, hills, stream & natural pond.
Extra Activities: Visit a plant nursery and help with reforestation efforts in the rainy season.
Location: Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.
Nearest Airport: Chiang Mai (CNX) – we recommend you stay in Chiang Mai city the night before your visit. Please note that we cannot collect you from Chiang Mai Airport – only from your Chiang Mai city hotel or guesthouse.
Booking Details: Bookings close at 5pm (GMT+7) on the day before the date of your tour if made in person at our office or 24 hours in advance if booking online. A 30% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking. The balance should be paid at our Chiang Mai office by 8pm on the day before your tour.

Ethical Elephant Tours
This is a small ‘Saddle Off!’ project with a limited number of guests. Our model is based on ensuring the well-being of the elephants, which means no riding or other unnatural activities.


Project Background

This project was established in late 2018, by Pop and Yut, who both have a long association with elephants. They used to run an elephant camp but in mid-2018, visited Elephant Nature Park seeking to learn more about elephant tourism based on our 'Saddle Off' model. This provided the inspiration to set up Elephant Green Hill with Lek’s assistance. The project now provides a caring home to five elephants: a bull elephant named Bua Kar (born 1967), along with a female elephant Mae Seura (born 1988), and her son Somboon (born 2015), as well as Mae Noi (born 1979) & her daughter, Mae Ta (born 1993). Bua Kar once worked as a logging elephant in Burma, where he was given an electric shock to render him unconscious so that his tusks could be removed with a chainsaw to be sold. Mae Seura also used to work in logging and later elephant riding. An important ambition of the owners of this project is to develop a reforestation program, which with the help of visitors will grow plants important to elephant’s health and repopulate species of trees that are fast disappearing. Pop used to be involved in a plant genetics conservation project from which he gained valuable botanical knowledge. They currently grow an abundance of grass on their land and also plan to expand a banana plantation to help provide for the elephants.

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