Elephant Fruit Cakes

For Saddle Off Projects

As a result of the Covid lock downs the Saddle Off projects were closed for over two years and had few visitors making it difficult to provide sufficient food for the elephants. While the elephants are able to forage on natural vegetation their diet needs to be supplemented with extra food including grass and cornstalks. Elephants love sweet fruit and vegetables but with no visitors the elephants only received such treats occasionally.

The elephant fruit cakes made at our Saddle Off projects and given to the elephants are made from a variety of ingredients. The base of the cakes are made with steamed rice or sticky rice, mashed bananas, rice husks, cooked corn or corn powder, tamarind, salt and sometimes papaya, watermelon, sweet potato, turmeric and a medicinal vine. Around the cakes is a variety of fruit and vegetables which may include bananas, watermelon, pineapple, papaya, mango, apples, mandarins, grapes, figs, tomatoes, pomelo, star fruit, guava, cucumbers, carrots, pumpkin, corn, sweet potatoes and sugarcane.

When the elephants see a fruit cake waiting for them they are always so excited and it is a real treat that they enjoy so much. Thank you to all of our supporters who have given fruit cakes and food gifts to the elephants or sponsored an elephant. Your support is greatly appreciated.

We offer cakes now in 3 different size as detailed below:

Medium Elephant Fruit Cake – for 2-3 elephants
Large Elephant Fruit Cake – for 3 elephants
Gourmet Extra Large Elephant Fruit Cake – for 3 or more elephants

Below are details of the various Saddle Off Projects that can make cakes and some photos of the elephants at these projects enjoying their cakes. At most of these projects the elephants can share a cake. Please note that some of these projects can make cakes quite quickly and we can provide the photos and video to you within 1-2 weeks from the date of your order. For some more remote projects it can take 3-4 weeks or even longer to get the photos and video to you depending on how many cake orders we have at the time. It takes time to arrange visiting and making cakes at some projects and we ask for your patience and understanding if you have to wait a while to receive your photos and videos.

Care for Elephant Cakes

Care for Elephants is home to 3 beautiful female elephants  – Sai Thong, Mae Dok and Thad Dao. These elephants are great friends and can share cakes. Project owner Ben and his partner Jin create beautiful and artistic cakes and in addition to making medium and large size cakes can now also make our new extra large gourmet cakes.

Karen Elephant Serenity Cakes

Karen Elephant Serneity is home to a family of elephants – a mother, Mae Kham Suk, her 2 year old daughter, Heng Heng and her nanny, Kham Noi. These elephants have a close bond and can share a medium or large size fruit cake. Cakes at Karen Elephant Serenity are made on a frame of sugarcane pieces joined together with banana leaves on top so it a true eco friend cake since the entire cakes can be consumed by the elephants

Sunshine for Elephants Cakes

Sunshine for Elephants is home to 2 beautiful elephants – Ta Mon (56 years old), and Sri Prai (30 years old). Ta Mon has been at this Saddle Off project for many years but Sri Prai was rescued from elephant riding about 4 years ago. These elephants can share a medium or large size cake.

Elephant Pride Cakes

Elephant Pride is home to 3 beautiful female elephants – Thong Dee, Kham Dee and Sum Ran who are good friends and have a close bond. These 3 elephants can share a large size fruit cake.

Karen Elephant Home Cakes

Karen Elephant Home is home to 2 bull elephants who are brothers – Kham Meun and Dodo. These beautiful gentle bull elephants are great friends and can share a medium or large size cake.

Thank you for helping to buy food for the elephants at our Saddle Off projects

Your support of the elephants is greatly appreciated

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