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Dear Friends & Supporters,

The Covid-19 pandemic is a serious global situation that is naturally causing a lot of stress and putting an enormous strain on organizations that rely on tourism. Major travel restrictions caused a great number of cancellations and as of late March all of our ethical elephant projects were forced to temporarily close. With no visitors it makes it very difficult to keep providing for the elephants adequately, especially in terms of their huge daily food needs.

We will continue to do the very best that we can to care for the beautiful elephants at all of the ethical elephant projects. If you are in a position to help us get through this extremely challenging time, our Saddle Off Projects could really use your support. We understand that these are difficult times for many people around the world, so if you can only afford a small gift please know that any amount will be greatly appreciated to help feed the elephants.

If you would like to help buy food for the elephants at our Saddle Off projects you can make a donation to Save Elephant Foundation or visit the new Asian Elephant Projects Shop.

Thank you very much for helping to purchase food for the elephants at our Saddle Off projects.

Your support of the elephants during this difficult time is greatly appreciated.

Elephant Food

The elephants at the Saddle Off projects are fed a variety of fruit and vegetables, including bananas, pumpkin, watermelon, cucumbers, pineapple, sugarcane, tamarind, corn stalks, banana tree stalks and grass. Some of this food may be grown at some of the Saddle Off projects but most of this food must be purchased from local farmers and markets. The average cost of food for an elephant for one day is 1000B or about US$30. All gifts received will be used to buy bananas for the elephants as well as other fruit and vegetables, grass, and corn stalks to ensure that the elephants have enough food during this crisis.

Asian Elephant Projects Food for Elephants
Asian Elephant Projects Food for Elephants
Elephant Pride Food for Elephants
Banana_Fund_Saddle Off Projects
Asian Elephant Projects Eating Bananas
Asian Elephant Projects Food for Elephants

We do not normally ask for support of the elephants at our Saddle Off projects but in these extremely challenging times with the coronavirus pandemic, we greatly appreciate any gift you can give to help to buy food for the elephants.

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